Types Betting

On the other hand, we have the match between Racing Scamander and Gestate, deciding how participants make a bet "Less than 2.5" (under 2.5). 

This commitment means that we believe in the party will have a count of less than 2.5 goals. is 2 or less. So, if the game ends 1-1 we will have won the bet, but if, on the contrary, the game ends with a score of 2-1 have lost the bet, since the sum of goals equals 3 and we have done a bet "Less than 2.5".

Bets Over / Under basketball are the same as football, but we must bear in mind that as in basketball not score goals, but scoring points scored baskets, the numbers for which we bet will be different . Thus here no figure is more common than other bets, but this will vary. Here's an example.

Imagine a meeting between Barcelona and Feeler Regal. We can make a bet "Over 155.5 points," which means that we will be betting that the final score of both teams combined exceed 155.5. If this happens at the end and the sum of both markers is above 155.5 will have won the bet. 

In another match between Real Madrid and Uncial Malaga bet we make a bet "160.5 Less", which will mean that we believe that the final score of both teams combined will be less than 160.5. So, if once the party and joined the scoring that amount is less than 160.5 will have won the bet.

For which a pre-determined share of items in the game is given to a single prize pool, having a base collection of amplitude not lower than the national, and which provide, also, the division into equal parts between the jackpot winning bets belonging to the same category of prizes.