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Secondly we must highlight the meeting the leader of the competition, the Elcho, which comes into play after 18:00 pm, and you get in the Martinez Valero stadium to Racing Scamander. William Hill Bookmaker - claim your welcome bonus from UK's top brand!

This is possibly the most attractive game of the day, as they face the leader of the competition against one of the most historic of football. Number games are considered national totalistic games of chance based on the choice of numbers by consumers at the time of the game, or the attribution to play the same numbers determined randomly.

The Elcho lost their first match last week at the home of Murcia in the final minutes of the game, something that seemed would never come, but finally showed the Elcho is a very good set, but they also have bad days.

This weekend can be very critical, because if I were to lose, their distance from their pursuers would be reduced and could affect the morale of the workforce. Racing, like Sporting, seems not quite work the machinery.

It is located at position 15 of the table with just 11 points, 14 away from his opponent this Sunday, so if they continue tying and winning, the probability for one more season in the Lira Adelanto are quite high. If we decide to bet on this game, it makes sense to bet clearly by Elcho, for which it is paying its fair share, 1.66.

The price of Racing Scamander adds up given his recent results and stands at 5.50. The draw, a result that we should not lose sight, you pay 3.60 per Euro invested. The safest option is that the winner of the match.