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As we see, is a good way to make money with our bets, since in many cases with betting "Over / Under" (betting Over / Under) find very juicy odds.

Also, many bookmakers will give us the opportunity to make a bet "Over / Under" blending.

So if, for example, combine results for several games of the Lira result combined with a commitment fee multiplication result shares of each of the bets that have been combined, which sometimes end result will give us a very high quota with which you can make good money if we get it right all the combined results.

Imagine facing FC Barcelona and Sporting Dijon at a party. If you bet on a "Over 2.5" (over 2.5) mean that we believe that there will be 3 or more goals in the match. Thus, if the Barcelona brand 4 goals and we win the bet.

The wide variety of sports betting for the same event is a practice done by many bookmakers to attract customers, but often these odds can be a real headache, not knowing what we are really betting or translations made through any online translator.

So I have seen fit to create a list of the different bets and systems that exist today. I will try to include all there, although it is complicated, however, if you see some kind of bet that is not reflected here can post it in the comments without problems.

Let therefore the first part of this growing list of special bets available. Note that some are traditional bets, but are included here because in some bookmakers listed with its name in English.