Why More People are trying Poker for Android Phone

A few years ago, mobile poker was looked at as a really cool concept that added a new dimension to the game. However, few players actually considered playing poker through their smartphones to be a necessity. A lot has changed these days, though. This is especially the case with poker for Android phone since more and more people are playing this way. So what's making Android poker so popular? Here are a few big reasons why.

1. Game Selection has improved Tremendously

One major negative about the early days of playing poker on an Android was the limited game selection. You had low stakes Texas Hold'em...and that was it. While many people thought that being able to play smartphone poker was really convenient, grinding in $0.02/$0.04 NL Hold'em every day got old really fast. This has changed, though, with more game variations and stakes available. For example, if you want to play $5/$10 Pot-Limit Omaha, you'd have this option at some poker rooms.

2. More Players have Smartphones than ever before

Here's a simple reason why more people are playing poker for Android than ever before: smartphones have exploded! Over one billion people around the world have a phone that uses the Android OS. This being said, it's only simple mathematics that more poker players are going to be grinding in cash games and tournaments through their Android.

3. A Larger Number of Poker Sites offer Android Play

Yet another reason why Android poker continues spreading is that many online poker sites are now compatible with these mobile devices. Full Tilt was the first to unveil an Android app and ever since then, dozens of poker sites/networks have followed suit. So if you play at any major online poker room, it's almost a guarantee that you'll be able to use your Android there as well.