What To Look For When Betting Online

Online sports betting has taken off in recent years due to a number of factors. One being that it has brought the excitement of placing a wager on your favourite sport to a much wider audience, thanks to its accessibility and simple ease of placing a bet. There are a large number of sports betting sites which offer punters a wide selection of not only betting markets, but odds and handicaps as well. When placing a bet with one of these online sites, even the most experienced of punters need to be aware of a few things in order to increase their chances of a successful wager.

Understand and Look For Value

Value is a rather important subject. Every bet which is placed should have value in order to make it worthwhile for the punter. Value is not set by bookmakers, and has to be worked out by the individual who is placing the actual bet. It is also subject to an individual’s opinion; a bet which holds value for you may not hold value for the guy next to you.

Value can be worked out by simply weighing up the reward versus the risk. This is done by a mathematical formula and a large dose of knowledge and sometimes gut feel. To do this you need to first estimate the winning chance of a side, then get the best decimal price for the bet. After that you multiply the percentage chance of a win against the odds and voila, you get the mathematical value. Anything above one is good value. Although remember to use your own discretion as well as the maths.

Choose Your Site

Not all betting sites are created equal. In a very competitive world betting sites are constantly trying to outdo their competitors, and sometimes some of them get it right. Not all sites will offer betting on all sports, and as clever punters specialise in one or a few sports, you need to make sure that the site you are going to go with offers not only your sport but great odds on it too.

Online betting sites offer a number of bonuses and promotions too in order to attract new members. Again, not all of these are the same or come with the same terms and conditions. Read through the sites carefully shopping around to make sure that you find the best deal to suit you before committing. You also need to capitalise on things like NZ racing tips so that you can place solid wagers with the best results, and the online arena is a great place to find this info.

Getting Paid

Of course the main reason that any one places a sports bet online is to get paid. In New Zealand there are a number of sites which offer betting to punters, many of whom are legit. As with everything there will be some fly by night sites who pop up, trying to lure the unsuspecting New Zealander into a betting trap.

When placing any bet, make very sure that the site is legit and has a good history of paying out its members. All of this information can be found online by way of real reviews. Read these reviews to get a feel for how the site handles its pay outs, for example how long it takes and what methods it allows withdraws to take place via.