Different Types of Soccer Bets

It is vital that punters who enjoy betting online understand the different wagers available. This guide outlines the main markets available for The Beautiful Game, and should help you ensure that the bets you win are more profitable than ever.

Match Odds or Moneyline Bets Online

Match odds/Moneyline bets are also sometimes referred to as 1X2, and these wagers are not only the easiest ones to place, but the most commonly found as well. You will be able to wager on 3 different outcomes:

1. Home Win 2. Away Win 3. Draw

You will select how much you wish to wager and place your bet, and if the outcome you selected occurs then you will win according to the odds offered by the online bookmaker you have selected.

Single, or Straight, Soccer Betting Options Online

A single, or straight, bet is also very easy to understand: you need to choose the correct outcome for a soccer match in order to win, and is very similar to the Match Odds bet outlined above.

A Multiple, Parlay, or Combo Bet

Multiple, Parlay, or Combo bets are those that combine a minimum of 2 wagers together, and these offer far greater returns thanks to the increased risk the punter undertakes. The most popular of these are Doubles and Trebles:

● Double

These soccer bets are made up of 2 separate bets, and both need to win in order for you to receive a payout

● Treble

This wager is made up out of 3 separate bets, and all 3 will need to win in order for your payout to be made

● Accumulator

If a multiple wager includes a minimum of 4 bets it becomes an Accumulator, and all 4 wagers will need to win in order for you to see your return

Total Goal Bets, or Over/Under Wagers

This bet is also sometimes referred to as the Goal Line bet, in which you are asked to predict on whether the total amount of goals scored by the teams taking part will be under an amount set by your bookmaker.

Correct Score Wagering on Soccer Games

This bet requires that you correctly estimate the final score of the soccer match you are betting on. You will need to remember that extra time is not factored into this wager, and the scores which the teams have managed to build by 90 minutes of normal play are what will be factored in.

A Wealth of Interesting Wagers for Soccer Punters

Betting on soccer is as popular as it is not just because of how widely enjoyed the game itself is, but because of the array of different wagers which are provided for punters to enjoy. The list is a long one, and, besides those outlined above, you can look forward to exploring:

● First Goal bets, in which you pick the team you feel will make the initial goal

● Half Time wagers, in which you predict the standings of the game at halftime. These options will include those outlined for Match Odds and Straight bets

Get more involved in the game you love when you explore your online betting options today!